You are constantly balancing decisions for your business. Continuity, financial security, maintaining your health. These considerations are a balance between growth, new perspective and securing your wealth. Hogenhouck analyses, assesses and channels. Hogenhouck actually asks questions and speaks plainly. An effective approach and reasonable assessment of your possibilities. Speed and creativity, focus and striving for an optimal result  with you. This starts at the first contact and does not end with the transaction.


Why Hogenhouck


Acquire a company

Want to increase your market share, conquer a new market or start a new activity? By acquiring a company you can accelerate the realization of this wish. We will enter this process with an open mind, continuously enterprising and always critical.

Selling a company

Want to give a new perspective to your company and redeem (part of) your assets? We assess, value, ask questions and speak plainly about your approach and possibilities. Subsequently, a suitable process and an optimal result will follow.


  • Transactions


    AOES Groep

    Hogenhouck advised Bas Oberndorff and Jeroen Thijs in acquiring the AOES Groep in May 2012. AOES Groep, now ATG Europe, offers engineering services in the aerospace sector. The ambition of the AOES Groep is to become more active in other high R&D-related sectors as well, for example high-tech and offshore.